Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Atlas

I will be dropping lines from time to time just letting the world know whats the T'z with Baby A! When I say "I" I mean WE as a band will be letting you know what the business is yo! I haven't said this in a long time...DAMN I LOVE MY BAND! Dig Brotha! 2011 is going to be something heard it from me FIRST! Call the Mayor! He should really know! The album as been done for awhile now and we are all super happy to be getting it out to the public February style you dig!!?? Ooooh SNAP! CD RELEASE PARTY WHAT WHAT! Super excited about having a photoshoot with a man that can capture beautiful moments via camera! Mr. Stevan Alcala! ABSOLUTELY! And I get to hang out with my friends which I haven't done for about a week...NOT COOL. Anyways..yes, this blog will be one of many...I want to start doing this for when we hit the road to bring the Atlas to a town near you....OOOOOH BUDDY MAN! DIG THAT! 

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